Sharon (S.A.) Daynard has received positive reviews for her stories and has been a regular contributor to a New England crime anthologies. Her short story “Widow’s Peak” received a Derringer nomination for Best Flash of 2004 and has been used to help teach minimalist writing in college classes. She holds degrees in Environmental Sciences and Geology and often incorporates elements from them in her stories.

She is a past President of the New England Chapter of Sisters in Crime, and is in her second year as co-chair of the New England Crime Bake conference.

In 2006, Sharon appeared as a Short Story Panelist at Crime Bake and provided their publicist with her background for the attendees. The information, however, was released to a local newspaper instead and, by the time it was edited down, made her sound like a rather suspicious character.

In the Contributors' Notes section of a 2007 anthology, Sharon decided to have a little fun with it, writing:

"S. A. Daynard has crossed paths with a serial killer/rapist, testified before grand juries, and taken lie detector tests. She's been offered the services of professional hit men, been scrutinized in county retirement fund corruption and bank fraud scandals, and been labeled 'a person of interest' in a major drug find. In her spare time she writes mysteries."

Sharon has been describing herself that way ever since.