I've been told I live in my own little world.

My life has been nothing short of a bizarre journey to the brink of becoming a published novelist. My edgy, dark short stories have garnered good reviews and even an award nomination, and are sure to be rooted in a brush that I had with a suspected serial killer as a young girl. Fortunate enough not to be his latest victim, I was too close to escape spending a considerable amount of time sitting on a bench outside of a courtroom, waiting to testify as the gruesome details were revealed inside.

Most people go an entire life without something so disturbing happening in their lives. But for me, it was just a start. My life has been chocked full of unusual experiences including several absurd brushes with the criminal justice system. Well, at least it has given me a dark sense of humor to draw upon when I write.

Thanks for visiting. And welcome to my world!